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Am I burning fat???

MedaMonitor, patent pending, is a personal portable handheld device that measures the body's state of ketosis or "fat burning" through exhaled breath.
(Note: In the near future, this same product can and will be used for the monitoring of medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and others).

Medamonitor provides value to the dieter/exerciser and consultant

Are dieting and exercise efforts really causing "fat burning"?  Do the dietary supplements that claim to "burn fat" work?  At what rate is fat being burned?  Is my body in a healthy state?  The ability to immediately know these answers anytime during the day will give you the knowledge to base adjustments to food intake and exercise levels, which will provide you with better weight loss and especially "fat loss" outcomes.  Medamonitor is simple and easy to use, and gives you the data you need now, to reach your ultimate workout and weight loss goals.

Medamonitor will be available for purchase in 2015